Madrid Fashion Films Festival & Aristocracy

Acabo de regresar de Madridfff. Ha sido una experiencia fantástica.

En este espacio hemos podido compartir el arte con la cultura de la moda. Y vivir el apoyo de las marcas a este nuevo modo de hacer cine. Hay que leer los signos de los tiempos. Estamos ante el nacimiento de un  nuevo arte.

Diseño de Aristocracy. Foto: Tu look habla.

Diseño de Aristocracy. Foto: Tu look habla.

Hoy necesitamos historias, no consumimos productos, consumimos experiencias.

Aristocracy, patrocinador de Madridfff

Aristocracy, patrocinador de Madridfff. Foto: Tu look habla

Asistocracy en Madridfff. Foto: Tu look habla.

Aristocracy, en Madridffff. Foto: Tu look habla

Aristocracy, en Madridffff. Foto: Tu look habla.

Aristocracy en Madridfff. Foto Tu look habla.

Foto: Tu look habla.


You are in front of a fashion films. It is a new way to make the films. Moreover it is new revolution at market of marketing.

MadridFFF is a showcase of the best audiovisual work made for the fashion industry. Lectures, panels, presentations and exhibits, that along with the contest aimed at both professionals and young talents, make the content we will see in the second edition of MadridFFF, check it out here. Madrid fashion films festival  has been very sucesssful.

To the assistants has been a singular experience. Really we need put us the fashion world inside.

MFFF is an open competition for professionals, new talents and students alike from the audiovisual, fashion and advertising sector in which a prestigious, independent, multidisciplinary jury will give awards in two categories:


Section open to professionals from the imagery world in which the following awards will be given:

  • Best Fashion Film
  • Jury’s Award for the Best National Fashion Film
  • Best Photography
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Performance


Directed towards young talents and students from the imagery, journalism and adversiting disciplines (universities, schools specialized in fashion, audiovisual communication, photography, art, film, design, etc.).

  • Best Film Fashion by a New Talent.
  • H&M Award for Best Creative Concept by a New Talent: H&M offers you the opportunity to make your own audiovisual project. If you are young, talented and you want to make a fashion film for the H&M new collection, follow the steps below.BEST BRANDED FASHION FILM BY CONDÉ NAST

In this new edition, through the collaboration with the prestigious group Condé Nast, an award to the Best Fashion Film registered by a brand will be granted.


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