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07jun 11

Diane Pernet

Foto de Miguel Villalobos

Diane Pernet: una de las primeras bloggers que existieron y la responsable del Festival de Fashion Films “ASVOFF Festival”.


A Shaded View on Fashion/A Shaded View on Fashion Film



What’s the first page that appears when you open your computer?

My screen saver which is an illustration of a future fairy tale that I’m working on.

What other pages and blogs do you have on your reader?





Is there anything you would erase from the blogosphere?

I think in time what is not working is deleted.

When buying, do you follow the opinion or tips given by other bloggers?

I have a very precise idea of what I look for in clothes, accessories, etc. I really do not have a need for advice but I think for many people it is extremely useful

What do you think is the future of fashion blogs?

I think that they’ve changed the landscape of fashion, so the good ones will continue and the less interesting ones will most likely disappear.

In your opinion, what do you think you are going to contribute to the Fashion Blog Congress?

Experience, I imagine. I started my site February 2005, at that time it was either the first fashion blog or one of a handful of 5 or 6, now there are millions.

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